NPC Together

Start: Sat, May 16 | 9:30am
With the prolonged shelter-in-place restriction in effect, it’s tempting to feel emotionally isolated in addition to our physical isolation. In order to help us connect, we’d like for you to record a 60 second or less “video postcard.” In the video, tell us:
  1. How are you doing?
  2. How is God meeting you at this time? (We’re not looking for a sermon—just a thought.  Maybe a Bible verse, or a simple story of provision, or a reminder of truth.)
This is not a professional video. It’s just a snapshot of your family life right now. Show us your faces and tell us what is happening in your home. 
After you record your video,  upload it to THIS LINK with your family name.  We will select a few videos each week to feature on our social media feeds. By uploading your video, you are also agreeing to give us permission to broadcast your video. 
We can’t be together physically during this time, but we are together in one Spirit as one family in Christ.  We hope that these snapshots will remind us of that. 
Whether you decide to participate in this effort or not, please know we are praying for you. We love you!