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NPC uses a third-party email system to broadcast updates to our members and friends.  We maintain a number of different lists to allow people to decide which information they receive via email from the church.  NPC will never sell or use your email address for any purpose other than to provide you with church information.


You may add yourself to one or more of our lists, modify your subscriptions or remove yourself entirely by clicking here, to fill out our Update Information form.


Please note that you will find two different links at the bottom of any broadcast email from NPC.  One of them allows you to update your preferences.  This link allows you to change your subscription preferences and/or email address and/or other information.  You will also find a link that allows you to block all bulk email messages from NPC.  If you use this link, your email address will be removed from all lists and it will be blocked so that NPC will not be able to add you back to any lists in the future.  Only you can undo the effects of this second link by resubscribing using this link.  Please note that using the option to block all bulk email messages does not remove your email address from the church office's database, nor does it prevent the church office from contacting you individually via email.


Finally, note that the email address that the church has in it's database is the one that is published in the church directory.  The church directory is made available only to members and friends of NPC. You may choose to have your information blocked from the church directory. Simply call the church office to request this.