Start: Mon, October 5   End: Fri, October 30 | 9:30am

September 28, 2020


My dear church family,


How wonderful to be together yesterday under Psalm 16 and in the Lord’s gracious care as we came together—both physically and via livestream—to hit refresh in our hearts on what matters most in this brief little life: namely, finding our deepest joy in God himself. Thank you Pastor Davy!


I write you now having completed ordination exams and in eager anticipation for this Sunday and the weeks ahead. This note comes to you today to confirm what you heard from Tom McCauley at the end of yesterday’s service: this Sunday, October 4, will be the official ordination and installation service as we all launch out together into the new season of life as a church that the Lord is opening up before us. By “ordination” we mean that this Sunday the elders will lay hands on me and set me apart for gospel ministry, in accord with biblical precedent. By “installation” we mean that this is the day that the presbytery formally establishes me as a pastor at Naperville Presbyterian Church.


We are planning a 9:30 am service outdoors, weather permitting. In the event of inclement weather we will still have one service at 11:00 but will take it indoors, using a couple other spaces inside the building as overflow rooms so as to be mindful of responsible health protocols. Please sign up to come as you have in past weeks. We will not have a maximum capacity, but the staff will be helped by having a sense of how many of you to expect. You’ll receive a further communication from us as your elders on Friday, confirming the plan for Sunday with a better sense of the weather outlook. Whether we worship indoor or outdoor, the service will be livestreamed for all those who prefer to stay at a distance at this time.


Guys: We are now embarking on a journey together. There are a lot of unknowns. But here is what we know: When God’s people lay themselves before him with a simple plea for him to forgive their sins and ignite their lives with his own presence and power afresh, that is a prayer he can’t resist (2 Chron. 16:7–9; Isa. 57:14–16; 66:2).


So as we prepare for Sunday and the weeks beyond, here is my request of you; I ask you, every member of Naperville Presbyterian Church, to open yourself afresh to God himself, asking him throughout October 2020 what new work he wants to do in your life, and in our shared life together as a church.


I’m doing the same thing myself. But I don’t want to do it alone. I want you with me.


See you Sunday.


Your brother and soon-to-be-pastor,