Women's Ministry Hinged Conference

Start: Fri, May 1 | 5:00pm - 2:30pm | Naperville Presbyterian Chruch

A hinge is a utilitarian piece of hardware. Its job is to connect two pieces together so that they are made useful. Have you ever wondered what difference it would make if we actually believed we were better when we were hinged together to Christ and one another?  We live in a world of radical individualism. We long for vital connections and yet we are more isolated than ever before. It is our hope that women (ages 13-103) will gather to connect across our differences: different generations, cultures, and contexts. But even more impactful will be to see them vitally connected to Christ and His Church. Saturday will be led by intergenerational teaching and worship teams on key truths from the book of Ephesians.

Friday Pre-Conference Event 5-9PM

“Come to the Table: An Intergenerational Family Meal for Women who Love and Serve the Church”

Pull up a chair as we gather your sisters in Christ around the table for food, fellowship and guided conversations about Christ and His Church. This evening will feature intergenerational women who will use their gifts and graces to start meaningful conversations. Our prayer is that you will leave hinged to new people and enriched from engaging table talk discussions.

Saturday One-Day Conference 9AM-2:30PM

(Includes 3 plenary sessions and lunch.)

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