Start: Sun, November 3 | 12:00pm

“Isaiah seems like an intimidating mountain. . .  There is great reward, however, for those who set out to climb Isaiah” (Andrew Abernethy, Wheaton College).  This seven-week series will set out to "fly over" this prophet's book and give the student of God's word handles by which to pick it up and find the Gospel of Jesus.

Our study, from the perspective of biblical theology—the big picture of the whole Bible's story line—will shine light on the three agents that Yahweh will send to accomplish his perfect will: a Davidic king, a servant priest, and a prophet.  And, yes, Jesus Christ ends up being that King, that Servant and that Prophet!

This Discipleship Hour is taught by Donald Limmer in room 040/042

Begins Nov. 03, 11am-Noon.