Sign Up for Men's Mentoring/Discipleship Program 2018/2019

Men—we need each other, to encourage, equip, and confront; in short, to sharpen. This happens best one-on-one over a period of time. That is what this program is about. “Iron Sharpens Iron” is for men who have made a decision to go deeper in their relationship with God and with the partnership of another man. If you already have an iron-sharpening friend or if you have someone in mind with whom you’d like to meet— that is great. If not, we will talk with you and help pair you with someone.


The goal is to help each other become the kind of man God wants us to be. This year’s program will begin in October and run through March. We will suggest a structure and a resource for each meeting. To participate:

Sign up >> you’ll see a table in the church lobby where you can sign up, or you can do so on-line. And we’ll be happy to answer any questions, either at the table or when you write to men's leadership.


Pair up >> if you don’t already have a sharpening partner, we will help you find one. We’ll be sure to talk with both of you about it first.


Meet up >> obviously if you are already meeting with someone, continue. Officially we’ll begin in a couple of weeks. During the following five months or so, we encourage you to meet 12 to 14 times, catching up with each other, discussing a chapter in a book (we will get you one if you need it), and praying for each other.


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