Philippians: Discovering Joy in Life

Start: Sun, September 8   End: Sun, October 27 | 11:00am

Hearing news reports of violence, natural disaster, and heartbreak, watching political opponents tear into each other, and reading hate-filled posts on social media can depress even the most optimistic person. These days, joy seems to be a rare commodity amidst all the doom, gloom, and negative rhetoric. But consider what first century Christ-followers faced in a place like Philippi—an oppressed minority surrounded by pagan neighbors and a hostile government—subject to prejudice and persecution. Yet, Paul exclaims, “Always be full of joy in the Lord. I say it again—rejoice!" (4:4). That was God’s message for those early believers and for us. During our 8 weeks together, we will dig into the book of Philippians to hear God speak, better understand his Word, and find joy.

This Discipleship Hour is taught by Steven Wunrow and Dave Veerman in room 040/042.

Begins Sept. 8, 11am-Noon.