Start: Mon, April 29   End: Fri, June 7 | 9:45am - 9:45pm | Naperville Presbyterian Chruch

Prayer is a crucial way that we look to God for his help and ask him for his work in and through us. In order to encourage us towards prayer, particularly during this time of pastoral transition, the session of NPC is calling our congregation to a 40-day season of prayer. 943 Prayer will help guide us through this season. Each day will have a specific prayer based on a weekly theme: 


Week 1: Family
Week 2: Naperville Presbyterian
Week 3: Ministries to the Community
Week 4: Local Community
Week 5: Government
Week 6: Global Church


The name "943 Prayer" is based on the address of our church and a great way to remember to join together in prayer even when away from the physical building. We'll try to all pray together at 9:43AM or PM and to pray individually throughout the day.


The journey begins Monday, April 29th and ends Friday, June 7th. 


To signup for the daily notifications, text PRAY943 to 970-00 or fill out the form below to have the prayers emailed to you.