Haiti News

ESMI (El Shaddai Ministries, Inc) in Haiti, was founded in 1995 by two Haitian brothers who saw a need for spiritual and physical growth within their country.  ESMI has helped build over 120 churches with over 70,000 people attending, 40 schools that educate thousands of students, and nine orphanages that serve nearly 1,000 orphans. This ministry is strictly funded by the generosity of others wanting to see similar changes in Haiti.

Cavaillon, one of their orphanages,  is home to nearly 100 children, all with great need. When children arrive at Cavaillon they are usually sick, infested with parasites and scabies, and severely malnourished. Yet they are the lucky ones who land in one of these orphanages where ESMI is working very hard to meet their basic needs. Although a lot of progress has been made at Cavaillon in the past few years, much is still needed to ensure the children enjoy a safe and healthy place to live. Currently, the greatest of these needs is nutrition. Due to the lack of facilities, Cavaillon children lack frequent and well balanced meals necessary to maintain health. The first step has been accomplished; a water purification system has been installed so that the children have access to clean and safe water. The next step is to build a facility equipped for meal preparation for about 100 people at a time, with a cafeteria where the children can sit down and enjoy a meal in community.

You can help in 3 different ways:

1              First and foremost, PRAYERS!

                                  Please pray for the success of the Cavaillon Kitchen! For the children that will benefit from this facility, and for the adults that will be preparing meals in this kitchen for many years to come.

                                  Please pray for the fundraising efforts! That those touched by this project are willing to share their financial gifts generously.

                                  Please pray for Beth De La Cruz as she follows God’s calling! Pray for wisdom during this campaign, for endurance during the training, and for safety during the swim.

2. Make a DONATION! I ask that you make the BEST donation you can possibly make. Perhaps one that makes you financially uncomfortable.

3. SHARE with others and ASK others to get involved! We all have family, friends, co-workers, employers, church communities, sports teams, etc. Share this with them and ask them to join our efforts by following these 3 simple steps.

Together we can show these lovely children that they are not alone, that they are loved and cared for.