Women's Bible Studies - Winter/Spring 2019

Start: Wed, January 16   End: Thu, May 2 | 9:30am - 11:00am | Naperville Presbyterian Church

Women's Bible Studies are kicking off in January!

One Semester...Two Books // Judges & Jonah

Judges: This study will show us how a particularly dark, difficult period of history points us to the wonderful message of the gospel. Judges takes us to a time of murder and massacre, immorality and unfaithfulness. But it also reveals to us the God of mercy and long-suffering, who rescues his people time and again. And it points us to his greatest rescue, through Jesus Christ. 

Jonah: Are you running from God? Jonah tried. His story is a short, bizarre, powerful tale, dense in Biblical theology, showing us that we can never outrun the grace of God. That is good news! Join us as we look at the timeless truths and practical applications of the Book of Jonah


COST OF STUDY: $25 --- Full and partial scholarships are available. Please contact our church office for more information.

On Thursdays, childcare is available through True Story Thursdays & Nursery Care.

The Wednesday class runs JANUARY 16 - MAY 1 // 6:30-8:00pm at NPC

The Thursday class runs JANUARY 17 - MAY 2  // 9:30- 11:05am at NPC

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